Did you know that January 2nd is commonly referred to by Family Law and Relationship Professionals as Divorce Day? Sad but true.

So why the spike in folks ready to throw in the towel on “happily ever after”, “til death do us part” and all that jazz?

Well… As they say, timing is everything. The Holidays are over. Year-end and Christmas bonuses have been handed out (and probably already spent). And seriously, who wants to be the scrooge that files for divorce anytime around Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year? That’s a sure-fire way to get on Santa’s naughty list and be left holding nothing but a stocking full of coal.

Plus, there can be some hefty financial advantages to filing in the new year too (profit sharing, bonuses, tax implications and increases in salary). For anyone contemplating a split… IF YOU’RE NOT THINKING WITH YOUR BANK ACCOUNT, YOU’RE NOT THINKING.

But maybe it’s because you start looking at what life would look like without the Soon To Be Ex (STBX). You start envisioning what life your life would / could / should look like without all the drama and chaos, abuse, non-stop arguments and fighting. Maybe there’s just no spark or passion or oomph left and you feel like you’re living alone anyways… Maybe you feel like you might as well be at this rate. Is it time to finally ditch the dud?

Whatever your reason… Before you make any permanent decisions that will totally rock your world (financially, physically, emotionally, personally, professionally, spiritually) be sure to go through Breakup Boot Camp so you’ll be educated, feel empowered and have the confidence to know that whatever you face, you have the correct information and guidance.

You got this girl, I’m rooting for you!


Claire xo

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